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Henan Prestressing Equipment Co., Ltd.
which is located in beautiful city- Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. We are a professional PT Manufacturer which is engaged in the production of prestressed
anchorages, wedges, anchorage coupler, pc strand, ducts and stressing equipment for post tensioning and prestressing concrete.
We have more than 500 workers, 35 engineers, and 15 production workshops which equiped with many advanced production equipment and machine

Main Products:
We are a PT manufacturer that supply full complete ranges of Materials and Equipment for Post-tensioning And Pre-stressing Construction. Include pc strand, ducts, steel strip, YJM Multi-strand Anchor System: YJM13(0.5”)/YJM15(0.6”) 2 holes to 55 holes Anchor System, YJM Mono-strand Anchor System, BM Flat Anchor System, YDC Hydraulic Jack(Multi-strands Tensioning), YB Electric Oil Pump, YH30 Embossing Machine, GYJ500A Extrusion Machine, ZG Metal Ducts Making Machine

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    Product Service

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    After-Sale Service

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